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Welcome to Encaustic Art of N.S.W online Art Shop. We supply only the range of products and materials distributed by Arts Encaustic International.

If you are accustomed to using a Shopping Cart we suggest you highlight the drop down menu from the Art Shop and start shopping.

If you are unfamiliar with Shopping Carts the we suggest you read through the following. Preferabley print it out to have it by you for reference. Start by selecting Art Shop on the top Sections list and after selecting the category you wish to look at  from the drop down menu revealed you can enlarge the image of any product on your screen by clicking on that image. This will lead  you to the information page for that item.  It you put your cursor on the 1 next to “Add to Cart” button  the  quantity box will highlighted with arrows to increase of decrease the quantity of that item required.  Then click on the “Add to Cart” and you will see acknowledgement of this at the top of the screen.  If you require more items from that category then select it again from the drop down on Art Shop and repeat the above. Alternatively select another category.

Drop Down Box Categories

Gradually work through the categories using this procedure and if you wish to check on your order click on “View Cart”. Make any changes necessary after clicking on “Update Cart” and when satisfied you have everything required click on “Proceed to Checkout”. Here the billing and delivery address can be inserted as well as your contact details and please note a different address can be selected for gifts etc. Select the method of payment  and finally “Place Order”.  Please note our preferred method is Direct Bank Deposit as this is the quickest,safest and least costly method.

First time clients will receive an acknowledgement of joining our group and all clients receive a confirmation copy of their order.

Thank You.  We trust you had a pleasant experience shopping with us and as always

Have fun Painting with Wax.

Ian and Margaret Hesford