Gallery 3 Various Artists

This gallery is dedicated to all those people we have met during our years of travel, demonstrating and teaching. A few of these pictures are from the artists very first attempts at painting with wax whilst other are from longer established artists. In publishing these pictures it is our intention to show the wide diversity of styles available with this magical art form.  We hope that these images will stimulate an aspiring artist to greater achievement and that many more will experience the amazing creativity of painting with wax. The following pictures have been given to us during the course of our travels and we have interpreted that as permission to publish them on this web site.  Any picture can readily be removed if it causes any displeasure.  All images can be enlarged by clicking on them and are reproduced in low definition.


G3 09PG3 10LG3 11P


Elena Frehner, NSW



G3 12PG3 14LG3-27


Colleen Stothard, NSW                              Grace, Forster NSW                                                Nellie de Isles,  Qld


G3 06LG3 07PG3 08L

Nellie Marie d’Isle,  Sunshine Cost



Olive Griffen, Orange NSW                                    Alan Mulvaney,Newcastle    NSW                            Olive Griffen, Orange NSW

G3 20PG3 30LG3 27L


Susan Bodkiss, Central Coast                             Carol Bannister, (decd)  NSW                                    Shirley Whittingham,   NSW


G3 23PG3-45G3 24P


Eagleton Ridge Respite Centre                                    Tanya Banks                                                     Eagleton Ridge respite Centre


G3 13PG3 38PG3-47


Valerie Williams N.Z.                                     Lauren,  First picture 5 yrs old                           Carol Bannister  (decd)

G3 33PWally Ongaro, NSWG3 34P


Marj Heitman  Qld                                          Wally Ongaro,  NSW                                                             Marg Heitman   Qld

G3-52 G3-54Artist Unknown 

Trudie Moore,  NSW                                                                     Marieke de Vries ,  Tas                                     Artist unknown

G3 35PG3 32LG3 36P 

Pandora Pearson                                                Karen Hicks, NSW                                                      Pandora Pearson


Laurel Jean, WA                                                             Artist Unknown                                               Gabby Coggin,  ACT




Donna Barker saw Margaret at a craft show in Brisbane and bought a kit which she took back to Townsville where she was working with her husband driving a huge dump truck at a mine site.  She returned to her home state of Tasmania and being a experienced graphic designer she started this web site.  Also she started distributing Encaustic Art stock to her Tasmanian clients.  In 2010 she approached Margaret and Ian Hesford to take over this website and look after supplying her clients as she wished to concentrate time on her family as she was expecting a new addition.